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Budapest Data Forum 2021

The Budapest Data Forum is a premier data conference organized in Hungary, now in its 13rd year. Offering two days of talks and discussions about how organizations manage and use their data from traditional data warehousing and ETL to cutting-edge cloud and Big Data technologies and data science applications, the Forum provides a great opportunity to learn more about data management and analytics.

The conference will run online on June 23-24 (Wednesday and Thursday), via Zoom and Slack.

This event is a member of our data conference series, which also include the Budapest ML Forum and the Budapest BI Forum.

Program tracks

The conference focuses on modern data platforms, data warehousing, data infrastructure and data engineering. The main language is Hungarian, but we will have also have English talks, especially in the Data Platforms track.

Data Platform track

Tech talks on the architecture and components of the modern data stack.

Planned talks:

Enterprise Data track

Case studies and technical talks aimed at the Enterprise. Speakers include: eMAG (in English), Hungarian Telekom, K&H Bank, E.On Hungary, Morgan Stanley

Startup Data track

Case studies from Hungarian startups discussing their data stack and key data-related initiatives. All talks are in Hungarian. Speakers include: Prezi, Bitrise, SEON, Shapr3D, Turbine.AI (talk)


For registering non Hungarian-speaking attendees or speakers please reach out to us.

Our Hungarian registration page is available here.

Our sponsors

The Budapest Data Forum is sponsored by Cloudera and Meta Consulting.

For sponsorship inquiries please reach out to us.