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Processing and Analyzing Increasing Amounts of Traffic Data at eMAG

Laurentiu Matei
Business Intelligence Director, eMAG


We at eMAG always say that we look at our customers, not at the competition. One of the main tools of doing so is analyzing website traffic data.

I will go through the process of migrating traffic processing from a legacy architecture that reached its limits to a scalable one based on Kafka, Spark, HDFS and other modern tools. I will use the occasion to show some insights on our overall data & analytics architecture and team organization.

About the speaker

Laurentiu Matei has been working in software development for 19 years, first as a developer and then as a team leader and manager before taking over the BI&ERP department at eMAG in 2020 with a mission to modernize the data & analytics landscape. He is always eager to learn something new and also share his learnings.


Szekciók: Enterprise Data · Startup Data · Data Platform