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OTP Bank & Dremio’s Data Lake Engine: Streamlined data management to provide intuitive access & fast analytics

Viktor Kessler
Sr. Solutions Architect, Dremio
Lotar Schin
Sr. Technical Domain Lead, OTP Bank


“Data and Analytics for all!” — The new mantra for today’s modern company. However, it is not easy to put all of an organisation’s analytical data and assets into the hands of everyone that needs it! That’s why embarking on this democratization initiative requires you to be prepared to overcome the monumental challenges you undoubtedly will face.

This talk will introduce why and how OTP Bank has leveraged Dremio’s Data Lake Engine for a streamlined data management to provide intuitive data access & fast analytics.



Viktor Kessler
Viktor Kessler is Sr. Solutions Architect at Dremio since December 2019. Before joining Dremio Viktor spent multiple years working at MongoDB, ERGO, Gothaer and PwC as Solutions Architect on topics of Big Data, DW and digital transformation projects. In this time Viktor gathered experience on such both classical technologies as Mainframe/DB2, Oracle, MSSQL, Informatica IPC, SAS and on modern tech stack as Hadoop, MongoDB, Cassandra and Kafka.

Lotar Schin
Lotar Schin is Sr. Technical Domain Lead at OTP Bank’s Data Management Department since 2018.
Before joining OTP, Lotar spent almost 15 years working on topics like Big Data, DW at companies like Morgan Stanley, UBS, etc. Lotar has gathered experience on RDBMS, data lake, NoSQL and streaming technologies and also focusing a lot on data governance.


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