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Why Argo is different from the others?

With this presentation we would like to present how Argo is different from other orchestrators, and also show why we think at Infinite Lambda that this is one of the most elegant orchestrators. We will talk about what principles needs to be looked at when we are about to choose an orchestrator, and what use cases we would recommend going with Argo.

Riccardo Mocchetti
Data Engineering Chapter Lead, Infinite Lambda

Riccardo Mocchetti is a Data Engineering Chapter Lead at Infinite Lambda, he has been working in data for more than 10 years. Previously he had multiple Solution Architect roles in London including The Telegraph and Photobox, lately, he was Cloud Native Engineer at Container Solutions. He has an extensive experience with Kubernetes and cloud-native patterns, this is why he is an advocate for Argo, a cloud-native orchestrator.