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Imply Polaris – Use cases for a high performance OLAP engine-as-a-Service

For some years now, Apache Druid has been the go-to OLAP engine for use cases in clickstream analytics, adtech and media. I am going to show how publishers answer questions about visitor engagement and campaign attribution in near real time, and to discuss other industry use cases. I am also going to show how the Druid engine is now available as an easy to use cloud service, Polaris.

Hellmar Becker
Senior Sales Engineer, Imply

Hellmar Becker is a Sr. Sales Engineer at Imply. He has worked in data analytics for more than 20 years in various pre- and post-sales roles. Hellmar has worked with large customers in the finance, telco and retail industries, and spent several years at big data company, Hortonworks, and recently at Confluent.