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Academy Partner Program

The aim of the program is to support the professional development of students interested in data management and data analysis in collaboration with the academic sector. Students and faculty from partner educational institutions can attend the conference with a special discounted academic ticket. This time both of our ticket types are available for our academic partners, so in addition to buying a ticket for the online day, we also provide the opportunity to purchase a hybrid ticket.

Our Academy Partners:

Inquiries from institutions wishing to join the program are welcome at akademia@budapestdata.hu


Participation conditions: 

  • The Educational Institution is the official Academic Partner of the Budapest Data Forum.
  • The Participant is currently an active student or instructor of the Educational Institution.
  • It is only possible to register for the conference with the e-mail address associated with the Educational Institution. E.g.: felhasznaloneved@student.elte.hu, nev@ceu.edu
  • The unique partner coupon code issued to the Educational Institution must be entered in the coupon code field.
  • The coupon code is available from the Academic Contact of the educational institution.
  • The Participant registers as an individual (not at the expense of the Educational Institution or another company).
  • The participation fee will be paid immediately, online, by credit card at the end of the registration.


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If you would like to buy ticket without the academic partnership please use the Conference registration form.