Social Targeting in the Telecommunication Industry

Lynx Analytics developed a general-purpose social targeting model for an Asian client. The scientific background behind it is mostly based on Onnela et al (2007), which outlines information flow and community structure in telecommunication networks. I will present the data and business case, our proprietary tools for execution and achieved results using our approach. I hope my talk will shed some light on how academic research and actual industry applications come together.

Kárpáti András
Senior Data Scientist, Lynx Analytics

I am a Senior Data Scientist at Lynx Analytics since April 2018, working on a variety of Telecommunication use cases. I hold a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from CEU, and I am also a former member of Rajk College for Advanced Studies. I am particularly interested in business and graph topics, and most of my work has had to do with making predictions and graph optimization.