Let the Machine Learn in Production

We are just in the beginning of a fundamental change of how IT is influencing our life. The value generated by AI said to be trillions in just a few years. It will be not an option but a necessity to tap into this value pool. The aim of the presentation is to clarify how we can build an AI capability within our company including resource management, tools and solutions to deliver successful and impactful projects. The presentation is based on a real world journey at E.ON Digital Technology scaling from 0 to over a hundred models in production supported and compared with documented industry practices.

Tőzsér Attila
AI Architect, E.ON Digital

Attila Tozser is a Big Data and Machine Learning enthusiast. Two times MonogDB master and has several years track record of implementing multi terabyte scale data driven systems. He is AI Architect at E.ON Digital Technology responsible for production architecture of the Global Advanced Analytics and AI Solutions.