GDPR megvalósítás adattárház környezetben 

As GDPR comes into force, companies can expect huge changes both in their data management and data analysis processes. A good basis is a key to success. Data warehouse teams have to be well prepared for planning and changing current processes in any case when new GDPR regulations require – from data cleansing through data storage, anonymization, and deleting data. The result: a data warehouse, which stores and manages data in accordance with principles and regulations of GDPR. In our lecture, we would like to present the experiences and challenges of a more than a one-year long project.

The presentation will be held in Hungarian without translation.

Hosszu Miklós
Data Ninja, Hiflylabs

Miklós has more than 10 years of experience in data warehouse and BI technologies. Recently he has been working as a Data Ninja at Hiflylabs and he is the data analyst of the DWH team in the GDPR project.

Kiss Tibor

Tibor has more than 15 years of experience in business intelligence. Recently he has been leading the DWH stream in the GDPR project at a major bank.