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Pere Miquel Brull

Founding Engineer
Collate (ES)
LinkedIn · GitHub · blog.metadata.coffee
June 8 · Online · English talk

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What Makes OpenMetadata Different

The goal of data and metadata is to answer questions, be it about our market, business, or the data itself. Traditionally, companies have thrown new tools to new problems, resulting in information fragmentation and user frustration.

The solution does not lie in acquiring new technologies but rather in establishing better processes supported by a comprehensive platform. In this talk, we will learn how OpenMetadata can become your single place to discover, collaborate and get your data right.


Pere is a Founding Engineer at Collate, the company behind developing the open-source project OpenMetadata. After working as a Data Engineer in multiple industries and suffering the lack of (meta)data management, he is now creating a platform to close the gap between people and data.