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Nathan Nowack

Software Engineer
Prefect (US)
June 8 · Online · English talk

Building Marvin – a high-level LLM toolbox

We introduce Marvin, a library designed to integrate AI into an existing codebase with AI functions and flexible agent-like Bots that can use custom plugins. We will discuss how Marvin transforms AI usage with what we call “functional prompt engineering” and explore the potential use-cases for customizable bots in real organizations.


Nate is a Shameless nerd, incessant question-asker & chemical engineering / physics graduate from University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, he currently works as a software engineer at Prefect. He helps build the interface between Prefect’s orchestration engine and the larger data ecosystem. Having started in consulting, he focuses on designing tools that are easy to trust and build upon. If he could resurrect a dead person, it would be Richard Feynman (if you were wondering).