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Márton Hubay

Co-Founder & CTO
Infinite Lambda (UK)
June 7 · In-person · English talk

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Moving towards Event-Driven Data Mesh

In Data we are in the era of software engineering practice adoption. It has impact on different segment of the industry. It sets different expectations to the job market and the to the new generation of data practitioners. It also started to eliminate the gap between data and application platforms so it has impact on architectures and generally how we think about platforms holistically. Using a real client’s use case of an event-driven application architecture with a coupled Data Mesh data platform the presentation would give answers for the following questions:

  • why we shouldn’t think about data platforms separately from the primary product?
  • What was the journey of the data industry to get here?
  • What are the must to have skills for data practitioners to enable organizations think about holistically on their data strategy?
  •  How Data Mesh and the concepts of contracts helps standardize processes?


Marci is the CTO and co-founder of Infinite Lambda, a leading data and cloud engineering consultancy. He is responsible for multiple operational areas in the company, as well as for the engineer’s learning, training and progression. Previously he worked as a data practitioner for a vast amount of international clients and had a chance to work in almost every area of the data landscape.