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Gergő Póta

Head of Data and Analytics
Supercharge (HU)
June 7 · In-person · English talk

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Data Platform Modernization at an US Insure-Tech Company

The case study is about a technology focused home insurance provider in Florida. Their USP is not only their financial strength but their smart home protection program as well. Also they are a classical platform business working together with several 3rd parties in case of different services that are available on their platform.

Above are a good recipe to face with different data and analytics related challenges such as: data silos, rely on 3rd parties, inability to drive a data driven business or do proper targeting/marketing. The case study is about to explain the business challenges and to give a technology focused overview about the solution.

Tech tags: Green field, Google Cloud Platform, Data Integration and business reporting, marketing automation, serverless.


Gergő Póta is an experienced Data Analytics Leader with a Proven Track Record in Leading High-Performing Teams and Delivering BI and ML-Driven Advanced Analytics Projects to Drive Significant Business Value.