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Csaba Elekes

Senior Analytics Engineer
Infinite Lambda (HU)
June 7 · In-person · English talk

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DataOps Journey to an Enterprise Ready dbt Platform

The presentation would give practical insights based on a big UK e-commerce customer’s use case. This is about a long journey from zero to reach an advanced, enterprise-ready, analytics engineering heavy data platform project using Snowflake and dbt. The talk would go through all the initial scoping and project management challenges and how to deal with organisational issues such as working in a distributed team in different time zones. The presenter would walk the audience through how the project moved ahead on the technology maturity curve and how to gradually introduced advanced techniques such as DataOps release process, Blue-Green deployment, advanced testing, fully automated Datawarehouse access control, PII security strategy.
During these 18 months, a lot has been collected, and the technical lead of the project would be happy to share all the lessons learnt.


Elekes Csaba started his career as a Product Data Analyst on games like Candy Crush and supported decision making with data insights. Then switched to Analytics Engineering and became a consultant. So now he builds data platforms and solutions that make data-informed decision making easier for stakeholders. In the past year he has been the tech lead of an international team delivering DWH solutions to an UK-based ecomm company using Snowflake and DBT.