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András Zimmer

Head of Analytics Engineering
Hiflylabs (HU)
June 7 · In-person · English talk

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Data Access Control with dbt and BigQuery

I will go though what levels of controlling data access exist from the most coarse grained to the most fine grained – with their benefits and pitfalls. I will also show how dbt supports including these into a dbt project. Some BigQuery-specific hidden functionality gems will also be discussed that enable some very useful, nifty data protection solutions.


András has been in the data space for 10+ years, from building ETL processes, to being lead and chief architect on several projects. In the last two years he has been building the Analytics Engineering practice at Hiflylabs with my excellent colleagues. they have been involved in several solutions, from tiny to large, on many configurations of the Modern Data Stack. Several of those are built on BigQuery which we also came to love, and – being true engineers – dug into deep to learn to use most effectively.