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The proactive data catalog

There’s a shift from reactive to proactive in data discovery. The older data catalog products depended on data stewards, who would keep the documentation under check. Meanwhile, a new crop of tools emerged that are trying to get out of your way as much as possible, and give you the most insight with the least manual effort. Where do your dataset descriptions come from? What do you do when data changes? How do you find and fix errors? These things all depend on whether you take a proactive or a reactive approach. We’ll be looking at these questions, and hopefully help you with your own data catalog in the process.

Haller Bálint
Senior Data/Software Engineer, Stemma

Balint is a software engineer at Stemma, the managed data catalog built on Amundsen. He has a deep interest in data documentation and engineering, and has previously helped create Shapr3D’s data platform.