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Document Graphs for the Data Mesh

Data Mesh is a new paradigm for enterprise data management which places domain experts in the driver-seat of data creation and curation.

The data warehouse solved a big problem for enterprises – the problem of siloed data which had no visibility. However, it also created new problems, divorcing content experts from control over data modelling, data creation, and data curation. Over-centralization created new headaches, while solving the problem of visibility.

The Data Mesh helps to overcome both problems – by decentralizing data content creation using a mesh infrastructure which retains interoperability and visibility. Knowledge graphs have a big role to play in these developments.

TerminusDB uses the well known concepts of universal resource identifiers and JSON documents to produce linked data which can link to other domains throughout the organization. Modelling and curation resides with the domain experts and cross-functional teams which can ensure that the content is clean, well structured and up-to-date.

This ‘document graph’ helps domain experts to start building data products intended for the mesh, starting one product at a time and scaling up as needed.

This talk will cover domain focus, data as a product, self-service data, and governance.

Gavin Mendel-Gleason
Chief Technology Officer, TerminusDB

Dr. Gavin Mendel-Gleason is the CTO of TerminusDB. He is a former research fellow at Trinity College Dublin in the School of Statistics and Computer Science. His research focuses on databases, logic, and verification in software engineering.