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Data Modeling with the Unified Star Schema

The Star Schema is a well known practice in Data Modeling. Everyone likes it, because it is easy to query. But how do you query two star schemas at the same time? Is it really so easy? A Business Intelligence environment may have hundreds of Star Schemas. Have you ever thought that they can all fit into one integrated single structure? The Unified Star Schema is a new technique which allows pre-connecting the entire data domain of your organization. The central table is called the “Puppini Bridge”. This architecture opens the doors to a new experience of Self-Service Analytics.

Francesco Puppini
BI Consultant, Francesco Puppini Consulting

Francesco Puppini is an Italian freelance consultant in business intelligence and data warehousing, and he is the inventor of the Unified Star Schema. He has worked on over 30 different projects across ten European countries, for clients from several industries. He is currently working as a business intelligence specialist and innovator, after 20 years spent on Business Objects, Qlik, Tableau, SQL, Teradata, and data modeling.