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A matter of time

What exactly is temporal data? In this session, Dirk Lerner provides insight into what temporal data is and why data is a matter of time for certain business scenarios.
With simple examples, Dirk uses these business scenarios to visualize the differences in temporal approaches to historizing data and their implications.
Finally, Dirk Lerner presents the technologies available today that have implemented (bitemporal) historization of data.

Dirk Lerner
Managing Director, TEDAMOH

Dirk Lerner is an experienced independent consultant and managing director of TEDAMOH. He has been leading BI projects for 22 years and is considered a global expert on BI architectures, data modeling and temporal data. Dirk advocates flexible, lean, and easily extendable data warehouse architectures.
Through the TEDAMOH Academy, Dirk coaches and trains in the areas of temporal data, data modeling certification, data modeling in general, and on Data Vault in particular.
As a pioneer for Data Vault and FCO-IM in Germany he wrote various publications, is a highly acclaimed international speaker at conferences and author of the blog https://tedamoh.com/blog.