Spark in the Cloud: a practical introduction

When you want to analyse vast amounts of data instantly, cloud based data analytics solutions have a variety of well-working and relatively cheap offerings today. The same applies if your tool of choice for digging into your company’s data is Spark.At the end of this talk you will understand the basic concepts of cloud computing solutions for data analytics and you will have sufficient knowledge to go and try Spark for digging into your data at scale.

Tóth Zoltán
Founding Expert, datapao

Zoltan is a founding expert at datapao.com. He gives Big Data and Data Analytics trainings and helps companies kick off and mature their data analytics infrastructure.He used to build Prezi’s big data infrastructure from scratch and led Prezi’s Data Engineering team later. He also spent some time working on Big Data projects with RapidMiner, a global leader in predictive analytics. Besides working with data analytics architectures, he enjoys teaching as a visiting professor at CEU and S.P. Jain, two globally remarkable private universities.