Why Kudu? – Do we need Yet Another Storage System? – Szabó Attila, Cloudera


Why Kudu? – Do we need Yet Another Storage System?

Hadoop ecosystem had been blamed several times in the past 5 years because it contains too many components. So it is a fair question, why do we need another one? Especially, why would we need a brand new storage system, if we already have got HDFS and HBase. The goal of this presentation to give a detailed introduction around what has been changed in the past 5 years around Hadoop, what legitimates Kudu, and to provide a detailed architecture review.

Szabó Attila
Software Engineer, Cloudera

Attila Szabó is a Software Engineer at Cloudera. Before joining the big data world, he has worked in various sectors of the IT in the past 12 years (from custom software development to drug discovery). He’s an enthusiastic fan of distributed computing, parallel computing and functional programming, and also a big believer of tech education.