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The first set of English talks has been announced

We are glad to announce our first group of English talks:

  • Boosting the reasoning capabilities of transformers with graph neural networks
    Dóra Gera, Lynx Analytics
  • From Training to Chatting: LLMs’ Instant “Mastery” in ML Domains
    Szilvia Hodvogner, HCL Technologies Starschema
  • The Power of Knowledge Graphs and AI
    Aldan Creo, Accenture The Dock
  • Adding Generative AI to Real-Time Streaming Pipelines
    Timothy Spann, Cloudera
  • Formal verification of neural networks
    Gergely Várhelyi-Tóth, roboGaze
  • Building a privacy-aware question-answering system using RAG
    Zoltán Balogh, Hearsay Systems
  • DuckDB: A small in-process database that has taken the data world by storm
    Gábor Szárnyas, DuckDB
  • Harnessing Spare Cores to Breeze Through Cloud-Based Batch Jobs
    Gergely Daróczi, Spare Cores