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How to agree to disagree on Data Solution Automation

There must be hundreds of ‘accelerators’, ‘generators’, ‘frameworks’ to capture the necessary design details in order to generate data logistics – instead of manually developing them. And this is, not even counting the available vendor software. At least pretty much everyone I know in this domain has been working on some proprietary metadata (management) model to deliver faster and better.

This may be to explore new ways of development and documentation, because of disappointment in existing software capabilities, or simply to pursue a drive for innovation. This creative work has led to inspiring ideas. It also means that there are many ways these metadata models (and their supporting technology) have been created. It is often hard to really collaborate because of this. In this presentation, I will give a brief overview of the main concepts required to generate the data logistics for your solution, and present a schema that may be used to interface design metadata between different technologies.

Roelant Vos
Principal Data Solutions Architect, Varigence

Over the years, Roelant Vos has observed (and worked in) data management from various distinctly different points of view. Having worked as a consultant, trainer, and decision maker in the corporate world, he is part of the Varigence team that provides the BimlFlex platform for data solution automation. Throughout this career, the common theme has always been a passion for automation & code generation, patterns, and model-driven design in general. 

Have a look at www.roelantvos.com/blog for various tips and tricks on automating your data solution!