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4 Simple Ways to Map Vehicle Telematics Data with OmniSci Free

Antonio Cotroneo
Director of Technical Content Strategy, OmniSci


Rising demand for raw diagnostic data & increasing adoption of connected car services have made massive vehicle location datasets even more unwieldy. Making sense of this data starts with placing things in a geospatial context.
During this session we will take a look at 4 simple ways to map vehicle location data with OmniSci Free: Pointmap with Density Gradient, Aggregated by Bin, Enriched Streets Summarized by Census Block Group

About the speaker

Antonio Cotroneo has spent his career helping people around the world maximize their geospatial data, mapping technology, and spatial analyses to make critical decisions for their customers and community.
As a Director of Technical Content Strategy at OmniSci he focuses on geospatial solutions and technical content for commercial businesses and academic institutions.


Szekciók: Enterprise Data · Startup Data · Data Platform