Building a simple streaming application with Apache Nifi

In this session we’ll walk through building a simple streaming application with Apache NiFi as a part of Cloudera DataFlow.
We’ll create a flow to collect system logs, infer a schema, and ship them to a Kafka topic for later processing.
We’ll examine features for performance, inferring a schema for the data, and supporting different system versions.
Lastly, we’ll look at how you can follow on from this yourself following a self-service workshop with the same components, all in Open Source!

Daniel Chaffelson
Director, DataFlow Field Engineering, Cloudera

Through a decade of virtualisation and launching two startups, Dan has been nerdy on three continents and in every line of business from UK bulge bracket banking to Australian desert public services.After being impressed by the Hortonworks commitment to Open Source and integrated Hadoop implementation in his last startup, he came onboard in technical pre-sales and automated presenting the corporate sales pitch using the company’s streaming technology in his first week.
In the following years he’s taken on being the Streaming SME for the EMEA region and TAM on key accounts, contributing a Python client for Apache NiFi, and leading the Field Engineering effort to fully automate the company Demo estate.
Now in Cloudera, Dan now leads a global team of Field Specialists around all things Data Streaming, based out of London, UK.