Starting Data At A Startup

Startups are characterized as young, agile, flexible organizations which intend to grow big. A great data infrastructure is agile, flexible and can be scaled with limited efforts. Well, how data infrastructure at a startup should look like?

In the talk I am presenting evolution of Bitrise’s data infrastructure from nothing to a stable foundation of insight, sharing our considerations when choosing ETL, stream analytics, warehousing or BI tools and providers, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses, while not hiding our mistakes and what we learned from them.

Srancsik Tamás
Data Analyst, Bitrise

After spending seven years as a statistician manager at the world’s leader market research company and other ones at Prezi as a customer later product analyst Tamás joined Bitrise to be a single data analyst, engineer, manager.

Here he is responsible for all aspects of data from pipelines, through business intelligence and machine learning till general culture of exploiting data.