AI Readiness: Building Organizational Confidence and Literacy around Data

Our human experience and behavior with technology has been evolving since the stone age towards the disruptive age we live in. Businesses are at stake more than ever before especially if they fail to understand what their customers want to experience or how they might interact with machines in the future. In this speech, I will cover two main principles of overcoming these challenges and becoming an “AI Ready” organization: People and Quality of Data. Audience will leave with practical tips on designing data quality assessments for their AI initiatives along with a unique social learning approach to data literacy. This will help them in building organizational confidence and trust around data and empowering a data literate culture.

Ali Rebaie
President, Data Anthropologist, Rebaie Analytics Group

Ali Rebaie is a data anthropologist, industry analyst and global keynote speaker. He is also the President of Rebaie Analytics Group. He founded his company in his early 20s and quickly grown a global Fortune 500 clientele base. His studies are based on the philosophical foundations of data, with focus on the anthropological underpinnings of technology encounters. Rebaie’s research and consulting practice has been helping business executives & governments to lead in this disruptive age and draw power from universal data patterns, identify what is possible and what is not, what to invest in and when, and to thrive their AI, digital transformation and innovation efforts.

He has been listed consecutively among the top 100 AI Influencers globally. Ali has been equipping thousands of data enthusiasts on 21st century skills. With all the challenges of the new economy and the fear of AI robo-advisors replacing the role of human advisors, Ali brings his unique anthropological perspective to data and technology and present stories of the ways they are impacting our lives and jobs.

Ali is one of the initiators of School of Data and is helping organizations globally in their data readiness. By now, he delivered keynote speeches in more than 30 cities across all world’s continents. Ali also appeared in leading global media outlets including WIRED, Reuters, BBC, and Vision Magazine. Ali is also a jury member and reviewer in leading AI competitions and IEEE conferences, and also an Advisory Board member of the internationally renowned Boulder BI Brain Trust (BBBT). You can connect with Ali on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter @AliRebaie or visit his blog at www.alirebaie.com.