The Data Janitor returns

This talk is for the underdog. If you’re trying to solve data related problems with no or limited resources, be them time, money or skills don’t go no further. This talk points mostly to decades old technology, free operating systems and cheap hardware if possible, but if it makes sense to spend a hundred bucks instead of tearing your hair, we’ll say so. This talk is opinionated and updated to GDPR, deep learning and all the hype.

Molnár Dániel
Data Engineer, Shopify/Oberlo

The Data Janitor – data nerd and startup specialist. 19 years XP in startups, 9 in data. Experienced co-founder, built and hired teams up to 30 persons. Proven build-to-market capabilities. Utilizing data for successful products – CS + data + product background under one hat (Zalando, Microsoft, 6Wunderkinder).