Industry 4.0 – War stories from the factory floor

Real time data analytics in manufacturing can deliver massive ROI. The physical world meets the digital – Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, IoT… What do these mean in practice? In this presentation we look behind the hype and share our stories based on real-world experience.

Gulyás Máté
Partner, Datapao

Mate is Partner and Instructor at Datapao, a Big Data and Cloud consultancy and training firm. At Datapao Mate helps companies kick off and mature their data analytics infrastructure by giving them Apache Spark, Big Data and Data Analytics training and consultancy. Previously he was Co-Founder and CTO of enbrite.ly, an award-winning Budapest based startup.
Mate has experience with Big Data architectures, data analytics pipelines, operation of infrastructures and growing organisations by focusing on culture spanning more than a decade. Mate also teaches Big Data analytics at Budapest University of Technology and Economics​. Speaker and organiser of local and international conferences and meetups.