Evolve Your Analytics Stack With Your Business

At Snowplow, we’ve had a unique view in seeing how our users, from many different industries/backgrounds, have altered their analytics stacks over time. Amongst people who build their own analytics pipelines, we frequently see the mindset of setting up your analytics once and not changing it for years to come. Unfortunately, we live In a world where this doesn’t work (for long).

No business stands still. Businesses constantly evolve. The questions they ask change as they become more analytically sophisticated and the data they track changes as their digital propositions evolve. So it is essential their analytics stack evolves with their business.

Keane Robinson
Data Scientist, Snowplow

After working at Mixcloud, as a social campaign manager at Ayima and subsequently growing a number of music festivals as a freelance marketer – Keane recently joined Snowplow with a well-versed background in digital strategy. With a degree in Economics & Statistics from University College London, he now works closer to his academic roots. Keane has helped a range of Snowplow clients get up and running across the media, health and fitness sectors.