Data Science for Finance

Financial institutions are embracing Data Science, although can be considered late adopters in many cases. Demands are rapidly changing and the industry is converging towards using new centralized data initiatives. The organizations we are part of are composed of a wide range of types of people, backgrounds, roles, skillsets, and personalities. Each might have a different idea on what it takes for a project to succeed, especially if the business is already successful.

In this talk I will share some experiences with starting a data project in Finance. From selling the idea to mangers of already successful businesses to implementing within environmental constraints, let it be regulatory rules or business needs.

Kabai Róbert Zsolt
Quantitative Analyst, Citi

Robert is working in the intersection of Quantitative Finance and Data Science at Citi. He helps clients in existing business lines to take advantage of data analytics and be prepared for changes in the financial services industry. He has experience in both startup environment and large institutions and is passionate about solving business problems.