You’ve got two weeks: Proving value quickly with a connected data platform or why you should never discuss cool ideas near your manager

Showing the value of processing with a connected data platform at the core of your business doesn’t have to take months. At Hortonworks, we regularly get challenges from clients like “How can I run predictive models of transaction fraud in realtime?” or “Can you do two-way control of my IoT sensors from edge to core?”. Inevitably we’ll discuss ideas over a few beers, and someone will come up with something interesting enough to be told: “Sounds great, you’ve got two weeks”.

In a practical, demo-focused session, we’ll look at two use cases we recently presented to clients:
  • RealTime Transaction Fraud Prevention: Combining Spark ML, Storm, Zeppelin & mobile banking
  • PiWiNiFi: Raspberry Pi’s, Nifi, Spark Streaming, and Solr for an automated sensor network

Dan Chaffey
Itinerant Hacker and Solutions Engineer, Hortonworks

After a decade of virtualisation and launching two startups , Dan has been nerdy on three continents and in every line of business from UK bulge bracket banking to Australian desert public services. After being impressed by Hortonwork’s commitment to Open Source and integrated Hadoop implementation in his last startup, he came onboard as a part of the UK team where he recently automated a sales manager using Apache Nifi.