Moving Hadoop from on-premise to Cloud

At Sanoma data is of vital importance to running our business. As a publishing company we run some of the largest web and mobile assets in The Netherlands, Belgium and Finland. Sanoma started early (2010) with employing Big Data technology to gather insights and optimize our products and advertising offerings. This means that we created an extensive step over the years.

This talk is about how Sanoma went about finding a new place for it’s Big Data cluster. How we designed the new architecture and approached the migration. We’ll also share what went wrong during this migration and what we learned from running the cluster at Amazon. Finally, we’ll share some of our plans going forward and further improving our data services.

Sander Kieft
Core Services Manager, Sanoma

Sander is responsible for the common services and performance based titles within Sanoma. Within Core Services his teams designs and builds (web)services for some of the largest websites and most popular mobile applications in The Netherlands, Belgium and Finland. Sanoma is amongst the largest media and learning companies in Europe. With key markets in Finland and The Netherlands with titles ranging from Libelle, Margriet, Kieskeurig.nl, Autotrader.nl and Startpagina.nl to donaldduck.nl and national news brands Helsingin Sanomat, Ilta Sanomat and NU.nl.
Sander has been working with large scale data in media for 15 years and working for the largest websites in The Netherlands as a developer, architect and technology manager.