Destroying Data Silos for Building a Data Driven Bank

In order to better understand customer needs in an increasingly digital world, to offer tailored products and services, and to satisfy increased regulatory demands, ING has formulated a customer centric strategy based on data and analytics. The aim is to create a predictive and real-time bank.
At the core of this strategy lies a new data architecture, the ING Data Lake. Inside the Data Lake we use open source
Hadoop technology in several places: An international working group identified multiple Hadoop usage patterns and integrated them in the Data Lake architecture.
Hellmar will describe how the Hadoop usage patterns fit in the Data Lake architecture, and address some of ING’s technological approaches to satisfy regulatory and privacy related requirements.

Becker Hellmar
DevOps Engineer, ING Bank

Hellmar has worked in big data analytics and digital analytics for more than 15 years. Currently working at ING Bank, implementing Data Lake Foundation project (based on Hadoop) within Client Information management. Long standing experience in advanced analytics and data management.